Learn About One Sheets In SmartRate

Textual documentation is below the video

SmartRate One Sheet Contracts (click to open)

One Sheet Contracts in SmartRate

Creating One Sheet Contracts:

Click on the green “New” button in the menu on the top left side of your screen, then click on “New Contract”.

A pop up screen will appear which is where you will need to:
1. choose the customer associated with the contract,
2. name your contract, (make sure you name your contract something very specific which will make it easy to find when you need to go back and search for this particular contract)
3. “Select Contract Type”. When you click on “Select Contract Type” you will have a drop down menu of options to choose from.

In this case, we will choose “One Sheet”Once you select “One Sheet” as your option, a field will appear showing which one sheet options you have to choose from. Click on the “Select One Sheet” button to open the one sheet contract form.

Once the contract form is open, you will see the following fields: 

    • One Sheet Package Details, printed notes, choose the station(s) the one sheet ads will run on, the price of the one sheet spot and adding any additional notes.
    • There is also an “Additional Options” Section where you can choose if the one sheet is Broadcast Billing or not and if the contract is Net or Gross. 
    • Upload Files like the signed contract
    • Choose if the contract has been signed yet or not
    • Print the contract
    • “Save as Draft” or “Submit” the contract
    • (see image below)