Import Traffic From Natural Log

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Import Traffic From Natural Log (click to open)

Importing From Natural Log And Adding New Employees:

To Access this page – click on (Your Name) on the top right of the screen. Click on “Traffic Import” from that drop down menu.

Traffic Import: choose your file for projections or collections to import                                 

  • Click on the “Traffic Import” tab to the left of the screen                                                        
  • Under Select a file to Import – click on the “Choose File” button. Here you will be able to find your file to import                                                                                                                   
  • You will be able to import projections and collections by either clicking on the green “Import Projections” button or the green “Import Collections” button. 
  • Export the file as a comma separated (CSV) file.

(see image below)

Traffic Setup: this is where you would add employees

  • click on the green “Traffic Setup” button on the top right side of the screen     
  • click the green “Add Employee” button and select the employee name in the drop-down menu
  • Enter in their Traffic ID/Username from the Traffic System. (this is very important and the ID must be exact)
  • click the blue “Save” button after each employee has been added

(see image below)

ART Signature: ART stands for Automated Runtime Reports that get emailed to your clients everyday letting them know exactly when their ads will run.

(see image below)